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I'm so busy being myself\ So busy being myself\ Living my life\ Chasing the dream\ fearing my fears\ letting no one in\ Building my hopes\ Crashing them down\ Too busy chasing myself around\\

Boo oo how I used to boo you\ Now you boo me too\ We make boo oo boo oo\\

You're so busy being yourself\ So busy being yourself\ stating your mind\ fighting your fights\ Defending your rights\ Not knowing what's right\ Selling your truth\ playing the game\ Wearing a face\ Pretending you're sane\\

Boo oo how I use to boo you\ Now you boo me too\ We make boo oo boo oo\\

We're so busy being ourselves\ So busy ourselves\ Drifting apart


from Boutique, track released August 31, 2010



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Yael Kraus New York, New York

Yael Kraus is a singer/songwriter from Tel Aviv.
She is the frontwoman in the Art-Rock group “Panic Ensemble” and the lead singer of “Bussa”, a cover-version album for popular Israeli songs.
After a long journey collaborating with many different musicians, in a wide range of styles, Kraus has found her own voice and released her debut solo album “Boutique”.
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